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The automotive industry is quickly evolving, with needed reduction of carbon particles pollutants and CO2 emission. At the center of the engine system is placed the fuel atomizer and its influence on the engine is of first importance.

We developed a successful, validated, approach with OpenFoam as the basic opensource toolsuite to reproduce the flow inside high pressure injectors and its effect on the primary atomization, including basic cavitation modeling, using Large Eddy Simulation and Volume Of Fluid modeling. Fast progresses is currently achieved or expected in the research domain of the direct and large eddy simulations of liquid jet primary atomization, even with real complex geometry and high liquid pressure injection cases.

The research domain of atomization and turbulent spray is large and still evolving quickly, as most of the effects are still not known or correctly modeled. The present subject is dedicated to the enumerical simulations and physical modeling of atomization system. The candidate will use OpenFoam simulations to decline parameters variation to support the physical understanding of the flow regimes, and to analyze its behavior.

– Applied Mathematics or Fluids Mathematics Master 2nd year ; Engineering school.
– Emphasis in Computer science (C++, Fortran, programming, linux..).
– Scientific attitude
– High motivation for computational simulation and research.
– Easiness in English language
Some experience in OpenFoam would be an advantage.




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